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White Lion, a 14th C. inn
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Moor Mysteries
£15.00 inc p&p
Moor Mysteries What have Templar knights, Roman soldiers, a Bronze Age sky disk, crashed aircraft, paranormal lights and ley lines got to do with buried treasure, hidden caves, supernatural hounds and a skull from a burial mound which cast a spell over a whole area of the Peak? Find out on an investigative journey into the lost heritage of the hills.

The Strange Haunting of Marple Hall
£12.00 inc p&p
Moor Mysteries Legends about Marple Hall have long fascinated local people and in this book Steve Cliffe, Stockport Heritage Magazine editor for 30 years, and illustrator, David Kelsall, have brought them to life with meticulous research, using old photographs of the hall before and after it fell into decay, plus depictions of notorious incidents including a very strange haunting.

Stockport History & Guide
£12.95 inc p&p
Stockport History and Guide A modern, readably concise guide to the history of Stockport, by the editor of Stockport Heritage Magazine, Steve Cliffe, also giving the story of the struggle to save Staircase House and the historic market place.

Packed with information and pictures, in colour and black and white, the book also has two guided walks, one around the old Market /Underbanks area and another along the river valleys to picturesque Marple Bridge. Steve tells how a medieval market town with a castle grew into a cotton and hat manufacturing centre, with miles of water tunnels in its sandstone rock. Today it has an increasing number of heritage attractions including Hat Works, the Air Raid Tunnels and Bramall Hall. All you wanted to know for £12.95 including post and packing.

Audio CD Old Town Trail
Old Town Trail
Jean Cliffe takes you around old Stockport in this audio guide on a CD, starting in Reddish Vale and meandering down past the old cotton mills of Portwood, to where the rivers Tame and Goyt meet to form the start of the world famous Mersey.

The recording was made in the early 1990s and includes her descriptions of the Market and Underbanks as it used to be and our vision for improvements to buildings like Staircase House, which have since taken place. A classic piece of oral history for just £4.95.

CD Rom Vol.1 Stockport Heritage Magazine
CD Rom Vol.1 Stockport Heritage Magazine Many of the very first 12 magazines are out of print, but you can view and read them on your PC, magnify the pictures etc, with this electronic version using PDF files viewable on Windows.

Stories include Woodley's murder, Stockport Castle, Robin Hood in Stockport, the gibbet, Judge Bradshaw, the Rev Robinson who was afraid of being buried alive, ghosts of Marple Hall, Pugin's masterpiece Abney Hall, the mayor who was transported to Australia, a local soldier who invaded the Isle of Man, Cheshire aeroplane makers, Irish riots and much more for £10.95.

Magazine Binders
Binders Great for keeping your magazines together and presenting them on a shelf with spring loaded strings holding each magazine securely in place within a fine red marled cover embossed in gold lettering, with Stockport Heritage Magazine on the spine.

They come in two sizes - old large A4 for the early magazines up to Vol. 3 No. 12 (issue no.36) and newer smaller A5 for all subsequent magazines (issue 37 onwards) up to date. Each for just £9.95.

A5 Size BInder
A4 Size Binder

Shadows - a northern investigation of the unknown 
Shadows Book A collector’s item of rare ghost stories personally investigated by Heritage editor, Steve Cliffe, over many years, from his time as an evening newspaper journalist.

Priced at £9.95 each including post and packing.

Local ghosts around Stockport include the Portwood skeleton, Woodley ripper, Bramall Hall strangler, Romans of Werneth, Romiley druids, phantom hounds of Hyde and the legless loiterer of Staircase House – not forgetting the clergyman who was afraid of being buried alive !

Steve also investigates the most classic and inexplicable haunting of Treasurer’s House, York, where several witnesses seem to have stepped into the Roman era via some kind of local time warp…

Beating the Bounds – a policeman’s tale
Beating the bounds An intriguing insight into the old ceremony of beating the boundary of the borough of Stockport illustrated with maps and old photographs of early policemen. Described by Joshua Brown, chief constable of Stockport in 1854 who was present at the ceremony. £1.50 including post and packing.

Stockport Heritage Magazine - CD Rom Index
Stockport Heritage Magazine - CD Rom Index If you like to re-read your back copies of the Heritage Magazine, or are searching for information about an area of Stockport - your favourite magazine now has an INDEX that is always up to date!

This is because it downloads onto your computer and you can add information to it as each new magazine comes out.

They will be made to order through the Magazine Editor Steve Cliffe and are subject to copyright, therefore may not be re-written onto other discs and given to friend or family.


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